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Sky Therapy

Sky Therapy was introduced by Annette Bokpe and Annette Müller in Germany...

Sky Therapy was introduced by Annette Bokpe and Annette Müller in Germany. Sky Therapy is a spiritual and energetic healing technique aimed at stress release, freeing one’s mind from fears, depressions, emotional blocks, and stresses. This system is to be applied only by professionals and can easily be integrated into any therapy. The technique was borrowed from therapeutic practices of Jamaica. 

The core of the technique lies in the constant and inseparable interaction of body and mind and consists in energetic work of a therapist. By connecting to limbic system and hypophysis the therapist dives into a specific trance (whether staying beside patients or talking to them on the telephone) and influences patients who at that moment focuses on their fears, problems or other stressful situations to the full and thus find themselves in a so-called “sky-condition” (from the English word sky). 

Exactly working as a tandem doctor-patient leads to overcoming patient’s problems and fears. 

This technique proves to be efficient in case of all psychological conditions and psycho-somatic conflicts. The therapy is more effective when the therapist applies this technique to children.


Bioresonance techniques

Bioresonance techniques are based on the idea that every single cell of a human body...
Bioresonance techniques are based on the idea that every single cell of a human body has its own vibration frequency. More broadly, every organ of a human body possesses its own vibration frequency and emits its own waves of a specific kind. These waves can not only be fixed but also measured because if some disorders are present the length of the wave differs. In view of this, the treatment is carried out by means of special therapy which is based on the influence of electromagnetic emission on human organs in accordance with the given parameters.

Medical hypnosis

Hypnosis is a temporary altered state of consciousness that is characterized by its narrowing...

Hypnosis is a temporary altered state of consciousness that is characterized by its narrowing and focusing on neuroinduction which is connected with shifts in functions of individual control and self-awareness. In other words, hypnosis is a condition of narrowed consciousness intentionally caused by doctor’s actions and characterized by increased responsiveness to suggestion and command. 

Hypnotic treatment is actively used for curing such diseases as excessive weight and obesity, various neurotic disorders, stuttering, depression, phobias, lack of appetite, mood swings, breakaway phenomenon, feeling of panic and anxiety. 

In medicine, hypnosis is used in order to treat psychosomatic disorders. 

Hypnosis is used in two fields of medicine that are medical psychology and psychotherapy. In psychotherapy, there exists a separate branch called hypnotherapy. 

Medical hypnotherapy is aimed at solving problems that refer to a recovery of a person and curing his/her diseases. Thus medical specialists often use hypnosis in order to treat disorders of nervous system.



Acupuncture represents a stimulation of functions of internal...
Acupuncture represents a stimulation of functions of internal organs by means of thin needles inserted into specific biologically active points of a human body. According to expert opinion, more than 250 health problems could be cured by means of acupuncture. These problems include nervous disorders, bronchial allergy, diabetes mellitus, adiposity, menstrual disorder and many others. According to objective scoring main advantages of this technique consist in high efficiency and fast results (only a few procedures are needed in order to achieve positive changes).

Manual therapy

The main task of manual therapy consists...

The main task of manual therapy consists in the restoration of the normal position of vertebrae and invertebral discs. Vertebra that is dislocated from its physiological position may cause prolapsed intervertebral disc, spinal roots, nerves that result in tension in muscles and cords, block their mobility and lead to venostasis in a certain place. All such disorders cause pathological changes in all organs that are connected to the said vertebral segment. 

With the help of manual therapy the following disorders can be treated:

spine and joint disorders, headaches (including posttraumatic ones), the curvature of the spine and impaired posture, dizziness caused by cervical spine pathology, humeroscapular periarthritis and other neurological symptoms of vertebral osteochondrosis. 

Manual therapy can be used for the comprehensive treatment of diseases of internal organs (respiratory diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the endocrine system, central nervous disease). 

Due to the wide spreading of soft techniques, there is a noticeable decrease in counterindications to manual therapy.


Universal Therapy

Universal Therapy is an author’s technique by Leonid Talpis, based on more than 20 years of therapeutic practice, knowledge in the field of gestalt, constellations, provocative therapy, quantum psychology Theta Healing, bodily and procedural therapy and many other methods.
The basic aim of the Universal Therapy is to cure four dangerous psychological viruses:
  • permanent dissatisfaction with the self and others;
  • dissatisfaction with everything that one possesses; tension, control and inability to relax;
  • inability to exist here-and-now;
  • permanent search for happiness, inability to value the present moment which deprives us of joy and pleasure

Applied kinesiology

It is a kind of alternative medicine that was established by George J. Goodheart ...
It is a kind of alternative medicine that was established by George J. Goodheart in 1964 in the USA. The main principle of diagnosing and treatment in applied kinesiology is based on interactions between peripheral nervous system and condition of internal organs. The main method of applied kinesiology is manual muscle testing used in order to estimate the efficiency of a medication, food products, medical treatment, diagnoses individually for each patient.

CranioSacral Therapy by Upledger

CranioSacral Therapy (lat. cranium – a skull and sacrum – a sacral bone)...

CranioSacral Therapy (lat. cranium – a skull and sacrum – a sacral bone) is a direction pioneered by an American osteopathic physician W.G. Sutherland at the beginning of XX century. This direction is based on the fact that every part of our body, even our skull, is constantly moving. And although the joints of skull bones stiffen already in our childhood, there are some elastic fibers that allow our skull to expand or to say simply to “breathe” in its own rhythm (6 – 12 cycles per minute). 

Our spinal cord, skull bones, sacral bone, cerebrospinal fluid and meninges of medulla and brain are parts of the craniosacral system of our body and interact constantly and mutually with each other. This is not visible, but there are certain rhythmical fluctuations, that are especially apparent in contractions of the skull and sacral bone. If anything in this system goes wrong, such disorder influences the whole body.  So it may seem a bit strange but a tailbone injury may result in a migraine, and craniocerebral injury may lead to hernia of intervertebral disk and scoliosis. If the position of the sacral bone is not normal, then a cerebrospinal meninx might be twisted up to our head which causes tiredness and headaches. 

CranioSacral Therapy presupposes the use of several techniques. The main technique is unfolding (from the English word “unfold”). A doctor finds enfolded tissues and “unfolds” them in the right direction. In such cases, the following scheme is used: relaxation – recovery – normalization. 

This technique does not include rough resets, “clicks” of vertebral disks and certainly pain. From a distance, it may seem that the therapy consists only in simple laying-on-of-hands on the head or other parts of the body. Instead, a doctor focuses on his task and carries out very soft and light movements inside of diseased tissue that are not visible to our eyes. Such movements cause a powerful energetic wave that goes through the whole body. 

One session takes usually from 30 minutes to one hour. In the end, the patient retrieves looseness, freshness and feels as a newborn. This is the first sign of recovery. Of course, it is impossible to cure all diseases by one session. But soon you will be noticing more and more positive changes. 

CranioSacral Therapy is used not just as a treatment but also as prevention of neurological diseases.


Somato-Emotional Therapy (SET)

SET is an integrative technique with no age limitations...

SET is an integrative technique with no age limitations which helps to cure new-born children as well as senior citizens. Therapist selects a healing method individually by applying such methods that appear to be the most effective in every single case. The most important stage is to identify objective reasons as knowing the underlying reason therapist already achieves 51% of success in treatment. 

The main advantage of this kind of therapy rests on four main principles:

Fast, painless, safe, no side effects! It is ecologically friendly and efficient as well. 

The medical action plan with each patient is created highly individually depending on causes of disease and available resources of healing. 

Taking into account patient’s available resources makes it possible to define the term of vital force and means of its recovery. Somato-Emotional Therapy (SET) provides us with the understanding of the following aspects:

  • Vital force and its resources;
  • Testing level of vital force; 
  • Increase of vital force and, as a result, improvement of the quality of life and health;


The REIKI method is aimed at recovery of psychological and emotional health...
The REIKI method is aimed at recovery of psychological and emotional health. The name of the technique consists of two Japanese words (rei – universal and ki – the vital force of all living creatures) and means universal life force. Philosophy of this technique is to help a human body to recover by itself and return to inner harmony. It cannot be called a system of curing diseases but rather a system that is aimed at the production of extra energy that goes exactly to the place in a human body or an organism that needs this energy the most. REIKI technique is supported by the traditional medicine and is widely used in combination with psychotherapy and fasting therapy. Popularity and multi-purposefulness of this technique can be explained by the possibility of using it to treat all kinds of disorders and has no contraindications.


Theta Healing is a spiritual practice and a mind-body healing technique which operates at energetic and DNA levels. It consists in applying the advances of quantum physics. The Theta Healing practice (English: “healing” means curing by using natural powers or prayers) was developed by an amazing American woman Vianna Stibal
Theta Healing is a unique licensed technique which implements the advances of quantum physics and allows using the hidden powers of your brain. It evokes your inherent intuition and healing abilities for spiritual and personal development, self-recovery and curing other people.
The practice is based on the search of an original trauma that a client first re-experiences and then lets it go

Life power/Life breath

Life power is a uniquely developed psychoenergetic theory of Dr. Singer which is based on 30 years of therapeutic experience and thousands of recovered patients and designed to change the reality by achieving the highest level of energetic vibrations of a person
The choice to make a transition to new timelines and life opportunities directly depends on your ability to use your energy in order to do what you were afraid to do.
People with vast energetic reserves not just follow cause-and-effect relationships by weighing the pros and cons, but also create reality within available limits.
This is the highest level which cannot be simply given but has to be achieved by living a number of lives before this incarnation and by daily exercises,
All questions on how to increase your energetic vibrations, prevent losses of energy, take a quantum leap and improve the life quality can be revealed while attending the training and applying the technique taught at the Life Power Course

Metaphoric cards

A universal key to the resources of subconsciousness
The cards are intended to simulate any past, present, and future experiences. The following issues are resolved conclusively: relationships between a man and a woman, relationships between parents and children, business-relationships, personal development, recovering from diseases and overcoming life crises

RTP/ Reference point therapy

Reference point therapy (RPT) or Technology of Immediate Changes...

Reference point therapy (RPT) or Technology of Immediate Changes and Instant Recovery is based on comfortable release from traumas that root in nearly all problems that prevent a person from living a full life. According to the authors of the technique, Simon and Yvette Rose, every person is implicitly healthy and perfect; the most important thing to do is to release him/her from inner traumas and negative emotions. The task of this technique is to help patients to find roots of their problems and overcome them as soon as possible and without putting lots of efforts. 

RPT technique successfully overcomes such problems as phobias, stresses, various addictions, difficulties in interaction with other people, corporal defects, chronic illnesses, etc.


Image Medicine

Image medicine came to Russia from Shaolin...

Image medicine came to Russia from Shaolin Monastery by Master Mingtang Xu, a lineage holder of Zhong Yuan Qigong School, a separate system that grew from Qigong practice. However, image medicine differs from Qigong which is a self-recovery method, in a way that it represents a healing technique which activates inner powers of a patient necessary for recovery and consists in casting a healer into a specific “Qigong state” and further work with it. Main methods of image medicine include visualization and mental imaging. 

It is important to remember that such treatment is possible only if a patient gives his/her consent and that positive outcome depends directly on scrupulous compliance with doctor’s instructions.


Quantal Therapy

Quantum psychology which is based on quantum mechanics...

Quantum psychology which is based on quantum mechanics is aimed at studying the processes happening in a human consciousness and rests on the knowledge that material world directly depends on our mind. By changing one side, we change another one as well. 

The term itself appeared in the last decade of the XX century and can be found in works written by many authors (Robert Anton Wilson, Stephen Wolinsky, N. I. Deryabin, A. I. Nefedov, S. I. Doronin, M. Zarechny). In the USA Stephen Wolinsky and Kristi L. Kennen established Institute of Quantum Psychology. 

As in quantum mechanics, the world is treated as a whole unity consisting of molecules and atoms. Everything consists of these smallest particles – not just what is around us but also what we say and what we think. By means of influencing the consciousness of patients, a therapist is able to change their outer world. 

The main task of quantum therapy consists in the discovery of a real reason that influences certain events in the patient’s life and consequent work with it. Owing to therapist’s work, patients undergo changes directly in their consciousness as well as with the reality that is surrounding them.


PHEET/physio-emotional energetic therapy (Physio-Emotional-Energetische Therapie)

This is an absolutely new kind of treatment that allows...

This is an absolutely new kind of treatment that allows achieving striking results even in such cases when traditional medicine and other alternative types of medicine fail to help. PHEET represents a complex therapy that unites aspects of traditional Far East therapies and western medicine. In comparison with the traditional medicine that is mainly aimed at the elimination of consequences of a disease, PHEET eliminates causes of disease. 

Any treatment by means of PHEET is based on testing of a “biocomputer”. At first one must create necessary conditions for testing (elimination of “switching” and blocked regulation). The next stage deals with stabilization of “Self” by using 14 basic informative suggestion. Afterward, “shielding” and “grounding” are introduced with the help of several triggering questions. 

These activities create a solid foundation for every subsequent treatment. Upon doing this, specific problems can be treated, for example, backaches. Later due to therapeutic localization a “starting mechanism” is triggered, and a person wants to know more about the structure that stands behind his/her problems.


The Assemblage Point

This practice is based on self-consciousness and distraction of the first attention from self-absorption and is aimed at accepting the multidimensionality of the world
The quintessence of the advances in quantum psychology which includes the technology of revealing basic charges and dualities necessary for processing the key areas of your lives such as health, relationships, self-fulfillment, goals achievement


This practice represents an integration of several tools from psychotherapy which created a unique author’s technique for diagnostic and healing. The author and the founder is Andrey Vasilyev, a clinical psychologist and a corresponding member of the International Academy of Psychological Science
This practice is based on the best practices and know-how from biodynamics as a branch of osteopathy, reiki, Theta Healing, quantum entrainment by Kinslow as well as the field theory and family constellations. This is a method of psychosomatic correction which allows working on the causes of diseases. Meta Feelings practice is the process of self-cultivation while being in a special state of mind free from thoughts. The practice is aimed at solution of internal problems and influences every organ, every cell of our body and every DNA molecule

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